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  • Kerry Newsome

A new spin on “Rock and Roll”!

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Rocking, rolling and spinning around on these famous coconut boats is an absolute basket of fun.

The best fun you can have in a basket!

The Basket Boat is known locally as “Thung Chai” and is very popular among the local fishermen in the central regions of Vietnam.

The longer you stay in Vietnam the more you will see fishermen use them to catch fish with a fishing net and to carry oil, wood, food and other things they might need while fishing.

The safe capacity of the boat is normally 5 people max (4 guests + 1 rider). For fun, the tour operators will often spin the boat on its axis using the oar to push it round and round.

You don’t necessarily have to spin it, but it takes some practice to manoeuvre and the only way to get the hang of it is to have a go.

The Basket Boat is also called “The Round Boat”, for obvious reasons. Another name for it is “The Coracle Boat”, from Wales in The Great Britain. Now that's a bit of trivia we bet you didn't know.

The boats are well managed by mostly very experienced tour operators who get much joy from taking tourists out through the water coconut forests and showing their guests how to throw the nets and catch fish. It's a fun day and we strongly suggest if you and your family decide to do it, you will have a ball.

Contact us for details of the best operators in the area to book with. It’s no sweat off us to do so


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