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Hoi An Memories show - Not to be missed

Hoi An Memories – The greatest show you will ever see on water! Now open again in 2022.

The Hoi An Memories Show is now "back on in 2022" playing nightly in Hoi An to rousing applause. It tells the story of Hoi An and how through love and loss the city came to be.

2 years in the making and part of an overall theme park still under construction it is making a real name for itself as a star evening attraction for tourists to Hoi An.

The spectacular 25,000 Sq metre stage set on the waters of Hoai River features over 500 actors and actresses beautifully choreographed to tell the story of Hoi An as a lively and prosperous trading port over the last 400 years.

The dazzling lights and state of the art technology, combined with music and dance, showcase a one-hour production totally on water, with over 100 girls dressed in Ao Dai traditional long dress. The story tells of the peaceful life of the local people and how the blend of cultures created the Hoi An you see today.

Hoi An Memories show
Hoi An Memories show story telling

A few big tips:

1. Allow time to explore the Theme park before heading into the show as it features many acts and beautifully themed locations depicting the old town. Great photo opportunities

2. Consider your transport to the venue as it is not realistically easy to get to on foot unless you are staying close the the venue on the other side of the river.(It is located on the Night Market side of town)

3. The show starts at 7.30pm so you may want to consider having an early dinner before heading out there. As of March 2019, the restaurants and food stalls are not that great in my opinion and not cheap.

4. Seats are not allocated with your tickets. It is first in best dressed. Work on trying to get a seat fairly close the stage but in the centre, as the stage is very wide. If you sit at one end you will only see the concentration of performers up that end. There is so much going on, that a wide angle view is the best.

5. Make sure to book as soon as you arrive into Hoi An to avoid missing out. Cost is about 700,000 for the best seating area.

Japanese Bridge in Hoi An memories Theme Park
Hoi An Memories show theme park - Japanese Bridge

It's an amazing production and certainly one to put on your "Things to do list" for Hoi An, as you won't see anything like this in any other city in Vietnam. Just be conscious of the fact it is NOTHING like the Lune Production shows. Some people have referred to it as more like the opening ceremony to an Olympic games!! The sheer expansive nature of the stage and the beauty of the costumes and pageantry does easily lend itself to that description. I am sure you wont be disappointed.

Website to book below:

Phone: 1900 636 600

Located – Can Chau Island

It runs nightly and is "on the map" in Hoi An as a popular entertainment attraction.

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