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  • Kerry Newsome

Nha Trang Vietnam - 10 things you may not know about this city

Nah Trang is famous for its many idyllic islands, gorgeous beaches, and fun filled amusement parks. Those visiting this destination won’t find it lacking in things to do. You’ll find Nha Trang on Vietnam’s south central coast, and whether you want to indulge at a luxury hotel, go scuba diving or enjoy the vibrant nightlife this destination has something for everyone. Check out the latest What About Vietnam Podcast and use this guide to the top 10 things to do and plan for in Nha Trang.

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1. Amazing Day Trips

There are so many day trip options while visiting Nha Trang. You can visit one of the 19 idyllic islands or spend a day relaxing on beautiful white sand beaches at Nha Trang Beach or Long Beach. While on the coast try your hand at scuba diving, paddle boarding or canoeing. Or make a day out of visiting some of the amazing historical sites in the area such as temples and monasteries.

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2. Beautiful Salt Fields

The Hon Khoi Salt Fields are one of the largest salt making areas in Central Vietnam. The salt fields are nearly 400 hectares and produce a staggering 740,000 tons of salt per year. The beauty of the Salt Fields is awe inspiring as you see the salt shimmer under the Nha Trang sunshine. Most of the salt workers are women who wear traditional conical hats creating an idyllic and gorgeous scene that you won’t soon forget. This is a great photography location!

Insider tip: Head to the Hon Khoi Salt Fields early in the morning for sunrise. The locals begin working at 4 am and you can photograph the sun coming up over the fields as the workers are busy below.

3. Island Hopping

Each of the 19 islands surrounding Nha Trang is a unique world of its own. Don’t miss visiting the area and not hopping around these islands. Explore the beautiful long stretches of fine golden sand and gorgeous turquoise waters. Head to some of the most popular islands on the Hon Mun Islets that is situated on the south of Nha Trang Bay. The black stone caves on the island bring visitors for their awe inspiring beauty Or visit Orchid Island for its amazing flora, fauna and wildlife.

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6. Fascinating Culture

Nha Trang has a fascinating culture and history that you don’t want to miss. Visit one of the pagodas or temples to learn more about the history of this beachside destination. Po Nagar was the point guard pagoda, which was built around the eighth or ninth century by the Cham Civilisation. The Cham were indigenous to the region around that time. This beautiful temple was built on a hill overlooking the river and was based upon an ancient goddess of Mother Earth.

There is also Long Son Pagoda, which is a Buddhist pagoda and right in the city center. It's famous because it has a giant standing statue of Buddha whose head kind of sticks out above the trees and looks over the city. You can see this Buddha from many different places within the city. This pagoda also has a very long sleeping Buddha and a big Buddhist temple where monks perform their prayers and their different daily activities.

7. Relax In A Mud Bath

Mud is thought to have many medicinal healing properties, minerals and calcite and various different things within the mud are good for your skin. It's supposed to promote healing, but it's also just a fun and kind of interesting way to spend a day. There are several notable Mud Baths in Nha Trang.

The process goes something like, you go in and you buy your ticket, you change into your swimming clothes. Then you sit in this bath and these giant taps come on, and it fills up full of this gooey, slippery mud. It's great fun for all the family, whether it's the couple going for a nice day out or the kids want to go out and experience it. You stay maybe 20 to 30 minutes in the mud and then you can go into all of these different hot springs. There are several different types of pools, some are very hot, some of them very cold with waterfalls.

Some of the most popular mud baths are: Thap Ba Spa are, Eggs Mud Bath, I-Resort Bath, and Galina Hotel Spa.

8. The Delicious Food

Vietnam is very trendy right now, in general, for its food. The Vietnamese food scene is starting to become more popular, and Nha Trang is no exception. It’s not surprising that Nha Trang is famous for its sensationally fresh seafood, in fact it's the seafood mecca of the region. It’s easy to find amazing seafood buffets, such as the buffet at the Intercontinental. Another fantastic option is the Grill Garden, it's not street food and it's not fine dining like the Intercontinental, but it's one of the best tabletop barbecue restaurants and a can’t miss.

Insider tip: A personal favorite of mine is Banh Xeo and I highly recommend it!

9. Excellent Golfing

Nha Trang has become a golfing region with some truly incredible courses. There are several beautiful courses, all within 20 minutes of each other. Within 20 minutes you can visit courses that are completely different and are perfect no matter the level of golfer. Some of the most popular golf courses are Vinpearl Golf Nha Trang, Ayago Vietnam, Diamond Bay Golf & Villas, and Vietnam TravelMart.

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10. Beautiful Cam Ranh

Immerse yourself in the natural landscape and wild scenery. The area is chock full of amazing things to do including visiting the fun Sealife Amusement Park, the beautiful Tu Van Pagoda, or the serene Hon Ba Nature Reserve.

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11. Amazing Accommodations

When it comes to accomodations, Nha Trang has many amazing options. You’ll find everything from beautiful five star resorts to three star hotels, as well as homestays and hostels. Magical resorts such as the famous Six Senses Resort, Movenpick Resort, and The Aminana are perfect for those looking for luxury in Nha Trang.

For family friendly options check out the Intercontinental or the Sheraton and since the pandemic you’ll find that the prices at these resorts are incredibly reasonable. Those who like to swim will love the ANAM and the Alma Resort. And if you’re searching for a beautiful boutique hotel stay at the Mila Resort. While budget travelers should take a look at Ibis Styles or the Havana Hotel.

No matter what you choose to do on your trip to Nha Trang, it’s sure to be a destination you’ll never forget!


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