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  • Hoi An Memories show - A hit!

    Hoi An Memories – The Greatest ever scenery show in Vietnam The Hoi An Memories Show is now playing nightly in Hoi An to rousing applause. It tells the story of Hoi An and how through love and loss the city came to be. 2 years in the making and part of an overall theme park still under construction it is making a real name for itself as a star evening attraction for tourists to Hoi An. The spectacular 25,000 Sq metre stage set on the waters of Hoai River features over 500 actors and actresses beautifully choreographed to tell the story of Hoi An as a lively and prosperous trading port over the last 400 years. The dazzling lights and state of the art technology, combined with music and dance, showcase a one-hour production totally on water, with over 100 girls dressed in Ao Dai traditional long dress. The story tells of the peaceful life of the local people and how the blend of cultures created the Hoi An you see today. A few big tips: 1. Allow time to explore the Theme park before heading into the show as it features many acts and beautifully themed locations depicting the old town. Great photo opportunities 2. Consider your transport to the venue as it is not realistically easy to get to on foot unless you are staying close the the venue on the other side of the river.(It is located on the Night Market side of town) 3. The show starts at 7.30pm so you may want to consider having an early dinner before heading out there. As of March 2019, the restaurants and food stalls are not that great in my opinion and not cheap. 4. Seats are not allocated with your tickets. It is first in best dressed. Work on trying to get a seat fairly close the stage but in the centre, as the stage is very wide. If you sit at one end you will only see the concentration of performers up that end. There is so much going on, that a wide angle view is the best. 5. Make sure to book as soon as you arrive into Hoi An to avoid missing out. Cost is about 700,000 for the best seating area. Its an amazing production and certainly one to put on your "Things to do list" for Hoi An, as you won't see anything like this in any other city in Vietnam. Just be conscious of the fact it is NOTHING like the Lune Production shows. Some people have referred to it as more like the opening ceremony to an Olympic games!! The sheer expansive nature of the stage and the beauty of the costumes and pageantry does easily lend itself to that description. I am sure you wont be disappointed. Website to book below: Phone: 1900 636 600 Located – Can Chau Island It runs nightly and is "on the map" in Hoi An as a popular entertainment attraction.

  • Famous Lantern Festivals - 2018 - 2019 Calender

    The sun goes down and the lanterns come on in Hoi An. One of the most magical aspects of this town are the lanterns. Any night of the week you will see the Ancient town alight with colourful lanterns, making it a gorgeous way to spend an evening. Walking through the town by the river you will see many people lighting candles and making a wish, then putting the candle inside a paper lantern and sending it down the river. However once a month Hoi An celebrates the full moon. This tradition started centuries ago, where on the full moon people from all over the region would come to participate. Its a time to be with family and friends and to celebrate and be grateful for all we have in life. See the calendar below for the date of the full moon each month:

  • Photo Tours - Hoi An

    If you are looking for the real Vietnam. The real Hoi An below some of the superficial tourist layers, then you probably can't go past Etienne Bossot to take you there. Etienne runs very popular photo tours throughout Vietnam and Indochina. As he puts it, he is living his dream; living in Vietnam and sharing his craft and love of photography with like-minded people. His team and his travels extend far beyond Hoi An and Vietnam these days, as you can see here on his website But if you would like to bring that camera you’ve been dying to use and be taken to some truly authentic and sweet locations for photos, this is where you come to book. Plus, you get to learn a thing or two along the way. We would strongly suggest you look at the popular Sunrise or Sunset tours in Hoi An, as these give you an opportunity to view Hoi An in those special hours of the day that provide the most amazing light, shadows and angles. We can of course arrange this for you, as you may want to add this into a combination of experiences through hellohoianvietnam. Please email us for more details and a specially reduced price. Photo credit: Etienne Bossot. Thank you.

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  • Vietnam Trip Planning Newsletter

    Newsletter Home Player Podcast Series Newsletter BLOG More 5 Gold nuggets about Vietnam Subscribe for a 5 minute read every fortnight into your Inbox OR read below... Quicklinks: ​ WAV Newsletter - 06 june 2021 WAV Newsletter - 14 June 2021 WAV Newsletter - 06 June 2021 1. What’s the latest Re Covid in Vietnam – 1/6/21 Vietnam is feeling the pinch as Covid numbers increase Vietnam has had relative success in controlling the virus but cases have been rising over the past weeks. Overall, the country has registered just over 7,000 infections and 47 deaths, but the latest spike accounts for more than half of the total number of cases. Over the weekend, officials warned of a new "very dangerous" hybrid variant discovered in the country. The government says the new variant combines features of the variants first identified in India and the UK, and is easily transmissible by air. The latest outbreak in Ho Chi Minh City is centred around a Christian mission and a chef from the Sheraton Hotel, which had seen at least 125 positive cases, and accounts for most of the city's infections. Those living in the vicinity of the cluster have already been tested and are in lockdown. Officials now plan to test the rest of Ho Chi Minh City's 13 million people which is estimated it will take 4 months at a ratio of 100,000 per day. ​ It is important to note the following new key restrictions: New social distancing measures across the city for 15 days, starting from 31 May. Shops and restaurants are closed, and religious activities have been suspended. "All events that gather more than 10 people in public are banned city-wide, but the city is considering to lower the number of people to just five," the government said. ​ 2. What’s there to “crow about” in Vietnam? KEEP A WATCH ON THIS ONE – VACCINE PASSPORTS BECOMING A REALITY TRAVEL NEWS INDUSTRY NEWS Vietnam Airlines has signed an agreement with the International Air Transport Association to trial a vaccine passport next month. It will implement the IATA Travel Pass initiative that allows people to store verified Covid19-test and vaccination certificates on a smartphone app. They must be issued by authorized facilities registered with IATA. 3. What’s happening in Vietnam this month? June 2021 June is HOT with a good deal of rainfall and high temperatures in most parts of the country. Central and southern Vietnam enter into the steamy wet season, while in the far northern regions of Vietnam remain relatively temperate and perfect for active adventures. This year will see some real changes for travellers as their plans to enjoy the beaches and islands will be stimmed due to travel restrictions initiated this last week. You might like to listen to the Podcast Episode – When is the best time of year to visit Vietnam – ​ This is where I talk openly about my experiences with travel during certain months of the year and when is the best time to go. Even Covid can’t change weather patterns. 4. What’s my focus this month? The launch of Season 3 is my focus this month. 1 year on and 25 episodes released in Season 2, the interest in the program is growing at a rate of between 130 - 200 listeners per week on average. It is so inspiring. I am also talking to some travel agents in Australia and New Zealand as they are keen to start planning and designing tours and experiences for 2022. In particular for Golf. Oh, and I had a great opportunity to be on the The South East Asia Travel show Where I sat on the opposite side of the desk, as the guest talking about Vietnam, 16 months on from the borders closing; my experiences during that in Vietnam in 2020, and what I see for the future. Listen: Website: Spotify: Apple: ​ 5 What was my gold nugget from Episode – S2-24 – ​ Bac Ha Markets – Rich in colour and tradition with Mike Pollock from Umbrellas, worth their weight in Gold, September best time of year… ​ “September, you have all the rice. The rice is maturing and you have the beautiful rice fields, so I love September, but there's a good chance you're going to get a little wet now and again. Did you notice all the ladies in all carry an umbrella? Everybody carries an umbrella. I do, too, because when it's not raining, the sun comes up, the sun cooks the back of your neck, you break out your umbrella.” Mike Pollock Great advice. I highly recommend bringing one of those “two way” umbrellas to Vietnam. One that keeps the rain off and cuts down the suns’ rays at the same time. Very handy as Mike mentions in this episode. Kerry Newsome Locals like hot water in Homestays as well!.... “Anybody in North Vietnam who's serious about doing any sort of homestay has built a structure. Separate from the main house that contains a shower with hot water and a western toilet and a proper sink, pretty much every home stay in that area is going to have those basic amenities because the locals like hot water too.” Mike Pollock Good to know when you are looking at a homestay accommodation. Kerry Newsome Until next time. Be safe. Be happy and stay strong. Kerry Newsome WAV Newsletter - 14 June 2021 1. What’s the latest Re Covid in Vietnam – 14/6/21 The state of the Vaccine Passport in Vietnam While the Vaccine Passport is being raised on the main agenda at party official meetings, it is still getting a lot of resistance due to the country’s own efforts in rolling out a vaccine to their general population. The Vaccine Passport is talked about in this recent article and typifies the governments concerns;- “It does not address the use of certificates for signifying a person’s immune status, which reflects whether a person has developed antibodies in response to SARS-CoV-2 infection; whereas vaccination status reflects only whether someone has received a Covid-19 vaccine,” WHO stated. ​ At the meeting on June 11, the *Politburo required local authorities to make a public Covid-19 vaccination roadmap amid the increasing infections. ​ The Politburo made the request after the fresh outbreak in Vietnam enters the sixth week with the infections approach 7,000 or two-third of the country’s total caseload since early 2020. So far, Covid-19 has swept 39 out of 63 cities and provinces nationwide. ​ To facilitate the inoculation, individuals and organizations are encouraged to join the vaccine import and development to serve the only mission of vaccinating as many people as possible. ​ The vaccination priority list remains those who are frontline workers, high-risk groups, workers at industrial parks, and children. ​ As of June 11, more than 1.5 million doses have been administered since the launching of the inoculation on March 8”. ​ Note: The *Politburo is the highest body of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) between Central Committee meetings, which are held at least twice a year. According to Party rules, the Politburo directs the general orientation of the government and enacts policies which have been approved by either the National Party Congress or the Central Committee. Light at the end of the tunnel with Vietjet trialling the IATA Travel pass Nick Careen, IATA’s Senior Vice President Airport, Passenger, Cargo, Security, said, “We look forward to working with Vietjet to trial IATA Travel Pass and demonstrate that digital health apps can securely, conveniently, and efficiently help manage passenger travel health credentials. This is a positive step forward towards restarting international aviation.” The IATA Travel Pass team has been working closely with the airline – an IATA member – as well as significant Vietnamese authorities and governments to ensure the application product can readily support and facilitate safe international travel. 2. What’s there to “crow about” in Vietnam? Vietnam makes the “Amber List” In the current environment of travel, it is the small wins that we look for. Vietnam making the UK Amber list is one of those wins, and testament to the country’s ability to manage the Covid Pandemic over the past 15 months. However, it is important to note that while the country is named on the list, it is NOT open to tourists at this stage. Please have a look at this article as it outlines very clearly the status of entry to Vietnam as of this date. Stay positive people. The day will come. 3. What’s happening in Vietnam this month? June 2021 One thing you will find out about Vietnam when you travel there is the priority and reverence the Vietnamese people show to family. The 28th of June is “Family Day”. Vietnam Family Day 2021 offers Vietnamese across the country a chance to reunite, throw a feast, and embrace the values of family bonds. While it is NOT a public holiday you will find many events held across the country to celebrate family traditions. ​ Hanoi Various activities will be organized from June 17 to 28 to celebrate the Vietnam Family Day, which is organized annually on June 28. Hanoi will feature a special exhibition. Accordingly, from June 17 to 28, a photo exhibition entitled “Preserving and Promoting Hanoi's Family Traditions – Past and Present” will be held, introducing the old customs of Hanoians such as the ways they have meals, wear clothes, adorn houses as well as the good behaviors among family members and in the society. 4. What’s my focus this month? It may be hot in Vietnam, and I mean sweltering. However, its been very cold in Australia and in talking to some future guests I hear Europe is gearing up for Summer and escaping into the “great outdoors” after months of restrictions. While travel in Vietnam is always my focus, this month has proved to be a challenging one due to the spike in cases in Vietnam. While the spike has not been alarming in comparison to some countries, it has set the country into a lockdown similar to the style initiated back in March 2020. On a positive note, Vietnam is staying very focused on manufacturing and keeping the economy strong. I am seeing a huge investment in sustainability and infrastructure which will benefit us all when we visit. So, this month is all about creating inspiring podcasts for you my listeners to enjoy, and I have some great ones coming up:- Watch out for new episodes covering: Danang – street food for foodies! Saigon – The best Districts to visit 5. What was my gold nugget from Episode – S3-2 – Mu Cang Chai – A landscape of beauty and ingenuity with Jesse Pearlman Differentiating pictures of Sa Pa and Mu Cang Chai “One of the confusing things at first was differentiating Mù Cang Chải from Sa Pa. You've probably had multiple people on your podcast talk about Sa Pa, which is the most well-known rice terrace area in the world, I would say, other than perhaps an area in Bali. What happens often is Mù Cang Chải pictures will actually be taken and used for websites in Sa Pa. You'll see this all over Hanoi. There's a beautiful rice paddy made into the shape of a circle, which is famous in Mù Cang Chải. It's known as Mam Xoi Raspberry Hill. But Sapa travel agencies are constantly stealing this photo and labelling it as a suburb.” Jesse Pearlman How infrastructure in coming years will make more places accessible “I have a lot of friends who are like-minded, who I just can't convince to go because it's too far for them from Hanoi, especially if you want to go on a weekend. I know people who go. They have 12 hours there, and then they go back. The driving both ways is sixteen hours, so they just don't have the infrastructure in place. I did read an interesting article about how the government is planning to increase tourism there by 2025, including an extension off of the superhighway that runs from Hanoi to the Northern border of Lao Cai. And according to the article that I read, it will be able to connect you to Mù Cang Chải in just four hours from Hanoi. Now, that's certainly a more manageable trip”, Jess Pearlman Full Transcript of this episode is here: Until next time. Be safe. Be happy and stay strong. Kerry Newsome

  • Series 3 Episodes | What About Vietnam

    Home Player Podcast Series Newsletter BLOG More The What About Vietnam Traveller Insights Podcast Series 3 1 ​ Travel industry experts share their insights into Vietnam travel beyond 2021 ​ My name is Kerry Newsome and I am your host. in this episode, ….. ​ Travel industry experts share their insights into Vietnam travel beyond 2021 This podcasts is about travel to Vietnam beyond 2021 This is the episode for those people who are finding it hard to know what to believe is really happening with travel developments in this region and what source to trust. Our experts are Gary Bowerman and Hannah Pearson. In this episode, you are going to hear a very frank “no holes barred “ conversation where we take a deep dive into how the impact of Covid is driving travel forecasting, travel bubbles, trends becoming evident in the region, consumer confidence or lack thereof, vaccination roll-out, Visa’s and much more. Mu Cang Chai - a landscape of beauty and ingenuity This podcast is about the colourful mountain village region of Mu Cang Chai The What About Vietnam Traveller Insights Podcast Series 3-2 Mu Cang Chai - a landscape of beauty and ingenuity My name is Kerry Newsome and I am your host. ​ "Deep in the valleys forged by the waters of Asia’s Red River, a series of colorful mountain villages are encircled by fields of towering rice terraces. The fields are agricultural feats of precision — rugged mountains blanketed with emerald stairways that, seemingly, ascend to the heavens above. But this is not Disneyland. This isn’t a destination designed to attract visitors, international attention or the Instagram set. But it did attract one Instagrammer, Jesse Pearlman and he is my guest today. You will love hearing about this region as Jesse tells his tales and his experiences getting there the first time, and later, trips back and forth. You will hear in his voice that his love of the region belongs to the people and comes from a very soulful place in his heart. This is the ultimate guide to the best districts to explore in Saigon. Together with my guest Samantha Coomber we explore the new, old, and developing districts of the city. Our focus is on the districts of 1, 2, 3 and 5. In passionate detail, Samantha offers up those districts and close neighbourhoods that are rich in culture, street food, markets, cafes, and pagodas. And for those looking for something very diverse, she tells us about gondolas, sunset cruises, and speedboats that buzz you down the river and make you feel like you are in a James Bond movie. ​ Saigon / HCMC's best districts to visit in 2021 and beyond. In this episode we offer up the best districts to visit in Saigon otherwise known as HCMC The What About Vietnam Traveller Insights Podcast Series 3 - 3 Samantha Coomber guides us through Saigon's best districts My name is Kerry Newsome and I am your host. in this episode, …..

  • Newsletter | What About Vietnam

    Newsletter Home Player Podcast Series Newsletter BLOG More 5 Gold nuggets about Vietnam A 5 minute read Every fortnight into your Inbox You will receive by email, every second Monday, an exclusive brief newsletter with the latest highlights for the fortnight. Included may be newsy articles in brief, interview snippets, "whats happening" on the Vietnam front, indeed anything of interest to keep you amused and informed. These brief concise emails are only available if you subscribe to my e-mail newsletter. Subscribe to receive our latest WAV Bulletin featuring 5 gold nuggets of info! Read our newsletter online here WAV Newsletter - 06 june 2021 WAV Newsletter - 14 June 2021 Receive Kerry's email newsletter - What About Vietnam to keep you in the loop about all things Vietnam Yes - I wish to subscribe and I accept the privacy statement. My details are below. ​ Be part of WAV...hihi!

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