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Vietnam - Your next Wellness destination

Episode 23

S3-23 Your next wellness destination
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Vietnam in the past 2 years of lockdown has really seen an opportunity to develop itself as a “Wellness destination”.

The country not only offers sheer beauty, open spaces to explore and discover, hot springs, culture, over 3,000 kms of coastline, quality food and wellness practices such as meditation and yoga are becoming easily accessible in properties and locations around Vietnam.

Today we talk about one of these Wellness retreat properties in detail. This will give you one true example as a point of reference. Plus, you will hear a little bit about the Imperial city of Hue.

Hylton Lipkin is my guest today and is one of the champions influencing the change towards wellness and sustainable tourism in Vietnam. He is the GM of the Alba Wellness Resort, located just outside of Hue in Central Vietnam.

As an International Fitness Presenter, and Ambassador for the World Wellness Weekend in Vietnam he plays a key role on the world stage of growth in this sector in Vietnam, and fosters his other passion of Environmental Wellness.

If it is a Wellness vacation you are looking for, you definitely should put Vietnam on your list to check out as the array of experiences are extensive and by world class standards good value for money.

Lots of good advice in this episode.

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