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Contemporary art in Vietnam - A window to the future

Episode 12

S4-12 Contemporary Art in Vietnam
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How contemporary art is shining fresh eyes on Vietnam.

Why are we talking about contemporary art as part of a traveller’s experience of Vietnam?

It’s because the art you are seeing today in Vietnam and galleries all round the world, wasn’t always there. The artists coming through now are showing their spirit through their artful skills, and they are painting their version of history. Some with a view to building bridges. Its modernistic, forward thinking and truly powerful with influences from some of our greats Van Gogh, Matisse etc.

In some small way I am hoping through the story telling of my guest today visionary of Contemporary Art in Vietnam – world renowned Suzanne Lecht. At the very least you will get a deeper understanding to some of the things you will be seeing and experiencing on your trip. If you are an Art Collector or art enthusiast there are links below to lead you to where you need to go.

Today’s story begins in the early 90’s. Not that long ago if you think about it. But years before any reconciliation between the US and Vietnam. Let me introduce you to Suzanne Lecht

Time stamps to help guide your listening:-

05:59 - How Suzanne’s interest in art found her in Vietnam.
10:19 - Article: Art from the Heart - Gang of Five Holds Their Third Joint Art Exhibition.
15:41 - “What in God’s name am I doing here in Vietnam?”
21:32 - How the Gang of Five became Suzanne’s window to the outside world.
27:52 - Suzanne’s first gallery was in a house in Hanoi.
34:43 - Vietnam’s culture and art.
40:13 - What should the travelers be looking for, in contemporary art in Vietnam?
47:55 - How can art lovers tell real art from fake art?

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Photo Credit: Suzanne Lecht - Art Vietnam

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