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Pottery – painting and history tour Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

For a very unique experience, you may like to consider a short drive out of Hoi An Old town to visit this amazing pottery village.

Photo credit - Thanhhaterracotta village. Thank you.

Steeped in history, the village is completely surrounded by water, and the museum is completely surrounded by the village. Its interior is designed like the houses of the pottery craftsman of old: the kiln (oven), the potter’s wheel, the workshop and the place for presentation.

For the artists who live here, life is simple. Eating and sleeping is done where there is space left to do so. There is a small restaurant and two guest rooms. It is true devotion to their craft.

The park is modelled after a potter’s wheel. The two big buildings found their origin not only in the Cham and Sa Huynh way of building, but they are also inspired by the two kinds of kiln’s in the village: the updraft and the downdraft kiln. When you enter the gallery and walk on the stairways to the top, you know for sure it is an updraft kiln. You move through the building like hot air moves through the kiln. Standing at the stairway on the upper floor that leads to the roof, you see only sky. One visitor noted that it looks like the stairway to heaven, and that might be the feeling of the fire in the updraft kiln; it can escape at the top. On the floor above the gallery, products are shown from other Vietnamese terracotta villages. The top floor is dedicated to the excavations that revealed how the Cham built and how people lived in the Sa Huynh time.

Photo credit - Thanhhaterracotta village. Thank you.

You may be surprised to see some of the structures and mini cities modelled out of clay!

There are various ways you can experience the village. Our experienced Vietnamese guide can advise you on the best way to do this by arranging your visit directly with the organisers.

Email us for us to arrange this as part of your experience package.

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