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  • Kerry Newsome

The silent art of taking tea!

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

The act of having a “cuppa”, takes on a whole new meaning in Vietnam, if you can slow yourself down to enjoy the ceremonial aspect of it.

Although not quite as steeped in tradition as the Japanese, the tea houses in Hoi An offer you a special aspect of peace and tranquility. If it is silence, and quietness of the mind you seek, then you cannot go past the Reaching Out Teahouse.

Reaching Out Teahouse

The unique aspect of this tea house is that the staff do not speak (due to hearing impairments) and you as a customer, out of respect, do not speak either. This means all ordering is done by writing your request on a special order form, and using the notepaper and pencil for other requests. It’s absolutely delightful and I always find if I need a place to quiet my mind and take in the exquisite aromas of the beautiful teas they offer, then this is where I head.

In addition, it offers a special experience of Meditation and tea called - Quiet Tea

A Tea Meditation Workshop for an Individual

All are welcome and no experience of tea or meditation is needed. Tea meditation is a perfect example of the fact you can experience magic in the most ordinary activities of your everyday life. Whether you’re drinking tea alone or with a loved one, be fully aware of drinking of the tea and open your heart to the world around you. Learn how to do this and everyday can be transforming. Bonus: one of our fine Vietnamese teas and home-made cookies included!

Ages 16 and up | Most Sundays | February – December 2018 | 9:00am- 10:00am | USD$20 per participant

In addition throughout the tea house you will see they sell designer jewelry. These pieces are crafted locally, using a mix of old and modern design. Each piece is unique and made by hand.

If you haven't picked it up yet you will realise that your tea experience and purchases at the Reaching Out Tea House offer a double bonus. All purchases go towards funding the skilled artisans and staff who serve your tea and take your orders; This gives people with a disability (PWD’s) the opportunity to learn skills and gain meaningful employment so that they are able to integrate fully with their communities and lead independent and fulfilling lives.

It’s a little bit of a tea and coffee paradise where you get to give something back, and at the same time find your own sense of peace.

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