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Ba Na Hills

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

One thing is for sure, Ba Na Hills is nothing like you could possibly imagine! The name gives nothing away and believe it or not, it has gone crazy since I first posted about this attraction.

So what has changed? .....Social media and a huge upswing in tourists.

So let's start with some in-depth info that may help you plan your trip.

Firstly, you need to understand it's location.

It is located about 40-50 mins drive from Danang and about an hour from Hoi An. Ideally I would suggest for first timers you pre organise a driver and possibly even an English speaking Guide to escort you through the entry, ticket purchase and maze that is the whole area of Ba Na Hills/Sunworld.

Ba Na Hills Sunworld location
Ba Na Hills map location

Because Ba Na Hills is now probably the most talked about place to visit while you are in Danang, when you go is extremely important to avoid the heat, and the crush of tourists taking selfies and jamming into areas that really don't support crowds.

It has truly become overwhelming, and between 10-4pm it is at its busiest.

If you can make it EARLY. Do so! I mean, be there at 8.30am and get on that cable car: Or visit late ( after 4.30pm) and do an overnight stay. Otherwise you had better be prepared for crowds everywhere.

Golden Bridge Danang Ba Na Hills
A quiet moment on Golden Bridge

While it boasts the world’s Longest single-rope cable car system 5,801m and also the world’s highest angle between the departure station and the arrival station at 1,368m, it now features so much more than its recreation of a French village originally built over 100 years ago. Hard to believe, Right!

Ba Na hills - Sunworld
Loads of fun for the whole family

In our eyes, the experience has changed from a kind of escape which can turn back the clock, to that of a full fantasy theme park. So for kids, they will be jumping for joy!

For all the info see here

For those that would like to experience a slower more peaceful view of this attraction I would suggest an overnight stay and try and capture a sunset or sunrise if you can.

There is ONLY one hotel which is the 4-star Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village Hotel. They just happen to own about 6 hotels on the lot.

Wake up to a new day and you can imagine the panoramic views!

The start of the cable car is about an hour drive from Hoi An.

Email us at if you would like more information.

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